As the service provider of booth design and construction designated by the China International Import Expo
our Company has spared no effort in forging a comprehensive service company covering the whole MICE industry chain
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As an integrated service provider covering the MICE industry chain

---------------  Conference and exhibition industry chain comprehensive service provider  ---------------

Hosting and undertaking of exhibition
Design and setup of exhibition booths
Large production plants
Fabrication of exhibition halls and museums
Design and setup of home field
Automobile global tour
Creative marketing for media brands
Planning of public relations activities

Seven reasons to choose Yidian Expo

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Vertical service
Butler-like service
Credibility and integrity commitment
Certificate of honor
Rapid booth setup
10 years'experience
Quick response

Vertical service

Provide one-stop vertical services including exhibition participation, exhibition scheduling, design and setup of exhibition booth, design and setup service of home field, planning of public relations activities at exhibition sites, hotel reservation and logistics transportation service,

off-line creative marketing for media brands and global tour exhibitions.

Butler-like service

Once you choose Yidian Expo, we will provide you with butler-like service, the most considerate service, five-star experience and one-stop service. You can trust us with confidence and comfort

Credibility and integrity commitment

Credibility and integrity first, quality first and service first are the philosophy of Yidian Expo. We attach importance to contract and credibility, and commit to rejecting quotation depending on incoming drawings, low price bidding, and malicious infringement of intellectual property rights,

and will consciously defend the image as industry benchmarking enterprise and live up to the title of the vice-president unit

Rapid booth setup

Baking finish requires only one day for delivery and use, Boeing film requires only one day for delivery and use and latex paint requires

only one day and a half for delivery and use respectively

10 years' experience

Design directors, business directors, national first level registered professionals, directors of the engineering department, woodworker, electrician, etc.,

all have over ten years of experience,and are good at setting up two-storey channel steel framework of exhibition booths, new energy car tour exhibition and design,

and setup of large exhibition booths for manufacturing, hospitality, food, pharmaceutical,

textile fabrics, cosmetology and photovoltaic and other industries

Quick response

We provide one-for-one customized service, green channel for VIP customers, on-line answering and off-line follow-up by the engineering department to achieve quick response and solve our customers’ questions timely, and we have opened the 24-hour hotline and emergency call

Global exhibitions construction

---------------  Global Exhibition  ---------------


Large two storey building exhibition platform

---------------  Large two storey building exhibition platform  ---------------


Fabrication of exhibition halls and museums

---------------  Exhibition Hall Museum  ---------------

Tobacco Museum
World Expo
North Airlines decoration
Tobacco Museum

Planning of public relations activities

---------------  Planning of public relations activities  ---------------

Montblanc  Activities
Leisure Vacation Conference in the Thousand Islet Lake
Mercedes-Benz AMG
Audi A8

Group photo with gold-medal exhibition customers and their messages

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We provide design and setup of exhibition booth for customers

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MICE industry update
Yidian exhibition news

会展视界:成功老板如此说  Boss感言:这个世界从古到今都没发生过天上掉馅饼的事。所以生意难做时不要抱怨,先看看...


会展设计专业谈:展台规模也讲适度  在一次行业展上,某家小型企业为了最大化展示自己、赢取订单,预订了相当大面积的展...


会展设计师的成功秘诀:深度沟通中获取认可  摘    要:恋爱秘诀中有一句常见的话,是“合适的才是最优秀(解释:出...


会展设计需要具备的色彩理念  有的展会设计公司(Company)会用明艳的颜色对比,来表现展台的张力(解释:物体受...


会展设计企业一定要找重视  不论是哪个行业现在都流行(Prevalent)举办会展,其实这是可以理解的,因为这是一...


会展设计费用影响因素有哪些  如今的非常多的公司或是单位通过(tōng guò)会展方式方法来达到自己预期的目的,...


会展设计行业“尴尬”中缓缓前行      随着会展经济的迅猛发展,会展行业也越来越细分化,衍生(释义:演变而产生)...


会展设计其实就是在会议(huì yì)、展览会等一些地方可以利用现成的空间环境并利用高科技来传播网站内容和信息让公...




   伴随着会展业的迅猛发展,近年来会展设计人力资源(Human Resources)不足的矛盾(事物属性的对立)...




  会展设计是一种综合性的设计艺术,它主要是通过(tōng guò)全方位设计,包括(bāo kuò)五官的几大感...

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